UVA in the Fall

UVA: Our Shared Vision

Excellence with Purpose

As an innovative research institute at the University of Virginia, we know that to be genuinely great we must also be good. Good for the Commonwealth. Good for the nation. Good for humanity. We must also reach for great, challenging ourselves as we chart the future. Being both great and good: the twin concepts have motivated us since our beginnings just as they have formed the vision for UVA.

Contagion Science Program

Collaboration Across Grounds

Fueled by a Strategic Investment Grant in support of the University’s quest to move its research from prominence to preeminence, the Contagion Science program provides a coordinated "big science" approach to exploring ways to address contagions of the magnitude we experienced with the global pandemic of the 21st century. This diverse group of scientists at UVA acknowledges the need to develop cross-cutting technological computing innovations that interface with real-world societal applications to improve planning and response to contagions of this scale and impact. We are eager to find solutions in advance, not if, but when it happens.

Our Combined Strengths

A leading research institute whose transdisciplinary teams and novel structure reflect the interwoven systems that we study. A prominent university whose time-tested departmental model furthers advancement within disciplines. Our residence at the University of Virginia creates fertile ground for collaborations that can reap the benefits of our combined strengths and demonstrate our joint commitment to serve the world.

A Well-Honed Research Engine

Our research agenda is our core focus, driven by the large-scale human problems facing funding agencies. This focus, along with our high-performance computing infrastructure and operations muscle, allow us to bring major grants to the University — and to take on complex projects that challenge us to reach further.

Experiential Learning Opportunities for Students

We’re cultivating a new generation of researchers who are eager to collaborate in teams and across disciplines, use computational tools to understand how the world works, and grapple with the ethical questions around authority, privacy and human agency. We want to create a generation of scientists who will shape their fields to serve the public good by working on real-world problems while they achieve their academic goals.