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Our Research

Biocomplexity at UVA

As innovators and pioneers at a leading research institute our transdisciplinary teams and unconventional structure reflect the interwoven and complex systems that we study. Our residence at the University of Virginia creates fertile ground for collaborations that can reap the benefits of our combined strengths and demonstrate our joint commitment to serve the world.

Purposeful Problems

As researchers we grapple with monumental and interrelated problems affecting human well-being. We use the power of our high-performance computing infrastructure and meld our diverse scientific perspectives to collaboratively create theories, methods and tools that help the larger community understand how complex systems interact. Each journey we take advances the science of biocomplexity and contributes to related scientific domains.

Publications Library

We share the results of our research as broadly as possible to benefit the scientific and academic communities, and the public good. Our papers have been featured in Nature, Science, PNAS, PLOS One, and The Royal Society, just to name a few. Explore our numerous publications, which reflect our Institute’s research expertise and scholarly work.