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A 21st Century Census Curated Data Enterprise

Supporting Innovation at the U.S. Census Bureau

The Framers of our U.S. Constitution laid the cornerstone for the federal statistical system by requiring a decennial census as the basis for apportioning the House of Representatives. Over the next 233 years, the U.S. Census Bureau’s mission has expanded to serve as the nation’s leading provider of comprehensive, quality data about its people and the economy. To achieve this mission, the Census Bureau has made a steady set of innovations to modernize its data collection and dissemination. For its next innovation, the Census Bureau has partnered with the Biocomplexity Institute to create a Curated Data Enterprise (CDE). The CDE is both an infrastructure and a continuous evolving ambition to empower and enable Census Bureau scientists and their data users to progress from a focus on individual data elements or surveys items to one focused on the purpose and use of the information.

We welcome you to explore this next wave of innovation.