The Art of the Possible

The proposed Curated Data Enterprise (CDE) opens new opportunities for measurement associated with changing economic and social conditions that simply have not been achieved historically. For example, pandemics, wildfires, hurricanes, and changes in work require real-time and geographically detailed data to address questions asked by policymakers, media, analysts, researchers, planners, advocates, and the public. The CDE is intentionally focused on the purpose and uses of the Census Bureau’s data, and will identify and anticipate the challenges of discovering, integrating, and using data in unexpected new ways. These exemplars demonstrate the art of the possible that could be enabled through the CDE.

Examining the state of nursing and residential care facilities for its elder residents.


Demonstration Use Cases illuminate the capabilities needed to develop and deploy the Curated Data Enterprise. These Use Cases also demonstrate the end-to-end curation that documents each step of the project lifecycle, including decisions and tradeoffs. Curation ensures transparency, repeatability, and reusability of these capabilities. It is essential to support the development of new statistical products in an agile, timely, and creative way.