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Computing for Global Challenges Research Projects 2023

2023 Research Projects

Analysis of Antibiogram Data for Identifying Patterns of Transmission in Hospital Associated Infections
Student and Mentor: Shan Akiraj, Dr. Anil Vullikanti

Analysis of Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions (NPIs) for COVID-19 Using County-level Mandate Data
Student and Mentor: Ranya Fischer, Ben Hurt

Analyzing the Role of Virginia Healthcare Facilities in the Spread of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)
Students and Mentor: Tyler Gorecki, Ritwick Mirsha, Dr. Anil Vullikanti

Applying Deep Learning Techniques to Remote Sensing Data for Orchard Age Classification
Student and Mentors: Christopher Goodhart, Drs. Samarth Swarup and Abhijin Adiga

Bifurcation Analysis for a Mathematical Model to Understand Guillain-Barré Syndrome
Student and Mentor: Ana Gabriela Gómez Patiño, Dr. Baltazar Espinoza

Considerations in Virtual Community Building
Student and Mentor: Fiona Tracy, Erin Raymond

Decision Support Model for Epidemic-related Public Transportation Restrictions
Student and Mentor: Ainsley Raymond and Dr. Baltazar Espinoza

Extraction of Waterways from Remote Sensing Imagery Using Deep Learning Based Semantic Segmentation
Student and Mentors: Andrew Ma, Chris Goodhart, Drs. Abhijin Adiga and Samarth Swarup

Evaluating Generative Models Using Nonparametric Estimation of Rényi Divergence with Sample-level Auditing
Student and Mentors: Alexis Fox, Drs. Sarmarth Swarup and Abhijin Adiga

Evaluating the Impact of Bailout Strategies on Financial Networks
Student and Mentor: Harry Li and Dr. Tanvir Ferdousi

Exploring Surrogate Approaches that Utilize Networks for Prediction in Epidemic Simulation
Student and Mentors: Lillian Encarnation, Drs. Gursharn Kaur and Sifat Moon

Generating, Populating, and Analyzing Ego Networks to Mitigate the Spread of MRSA
Student and Mentors: Kushagra Singhai, Drs. Abhijin Adiga and Anil Vullikanti

Hitting Sets for Cluster Explanations and Practical Applications
Student and Mentor: Bob Downey, Dr. S.S. Ravi

Predicting Epidemic Cascades Using Metapopulation Models
Student and Mentor: Wright Quist, Dr. Srini Venkatramanan

Processing Genomic Signals for Epidemic Awareness
Student and Mentor: Lulu Han, Dr. Andrew Warren

Spatiotemporal Analysis of Childhood Vaccine Coverage in Virginia Pre and Post COVID
Student and Mentors: Rithika Devarakonda, Drs. Anil Vullikanti, Sifat Moon, and Achla Marathe