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Research Associate Professor, Social and Decision Analytics

Dr. Schroeder's overarching research focus is the enablement of Evidence-Based Policy-Making and Program Evaluation through the Secure Liberation, Integration and Analysis of Administrative Data.

Dr. Schroeder has extensive experience in the technologies and related policies of information/data integration and systems analysis, policy and program development and implementation, quantitative and qualitative methodologies of evaluation, and the general application of data and web technologies to the enhancement of public and private sector services.

A particular focus of Dr. Schroeder's research has been on the integration and analysis of education, health, social service and non-profit administrative data streams for the purpose of conducting policy analyses and program evaluations impacting a wide range of constituents, including: pre-K child social and health service recipients; child care service operators; primary, secondary, post-secondary and adult education service recipients; state workforce training service recipients; and, U.S. veteran health and social service recipients.

    Grants Received

    Since beginning his research career at Virginia Tech, Dr. Schroeder has served as Principal Investigator on over $10M of research with funding provided from the federal government (National Science Foundation, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, U.S. Department of Education, U.S. Department of Transportation), state government (Virginia Department of Social Services, Virginia Department of Education, Virginia State Police, Virginia Department of Emergency Services, Virginia Department of Transportation, Virginia Department of Veteran Services), foundations (Generations United (GU), MET Life Foundation, Virginia Early Childhood Foundation), and the private sector (Shenandoah Telecommunications Corporation).

    Selected Projects

    High-profile information integration projects include:

    Selected Publications

    Pires, B., Korkmaz, G., Ensor, K., Higdon, D., Keller, S., Lewis, B., Schroeder, A. (2018). Estimating individualized exposure impacts from ambient ozone levels: A synthetic information approach. Environmental Modelling & Software. Volume 103, May 2018, Pages 146–157.

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