Network Systems Science and Advanced Computing

Dawen Xie

  • Research Scientist
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Dawen Xie is a research scientist at Biocomplexity Institute at the University of Virginia. Xie received his undergraduate degree in Computer Science from Nankai University, P.R. China, and his master’s degree in Computer Engineering at Texas A&M University.

Xie is interested in the Geographic Information System (GIS), visual analytics, information management system, and database with a current focus on building different dynamic web systems.

Xie won the first place in the NIEHS Climate Change and Environmental Exposures Challenge, in the National Use category, for PIE Viz (with Julia Gohlke and Samarth Swarup) in 2016.

  • Geographic information system (GIS), visual analytics, information management system, and database

  • Texas A&M University, Computer Engineering, M.S., 2007
    Nankai University, China, Computer Science, B.S., 1999

Selected Publications
Network Systems Science and Advanced Computing
Marathe A; Chen J; Chu S; Chungbaek Y; Khan M; Kuhlman C; Mortveit H; Kumar VSA; Xie D . BMJ Open. 2016; 6(9):e011699
Network Systems Science and Advanced Computing
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Network Systems Science and Advanced Computing
Bisset KR; Bassaganya-Riera J; Carbo A; Eubank SG; Hontecillas-Magarzo R; Hoops S; Marathe MV; Mei Y; Wendelsdorf KV; Xie D; Yeom J-S; Alam MM . 2012 IEEE 26th International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium. 2012; :48-59
In the News

The many unknowns about COVID-19 – including its precise origin, how long the disease incubates, and when during the incubation people become contagious – have made data collection, and therefore, identification of effective intervention methods challenging. In response to this global pandemic, researchers from the University of Virginia’s Biocomplexity Institute have developed a set of visualization and analytical web applications to help provide a better understanding of the epidemic’s scope and aid in bringing the outbreak to a swift conclusion.