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Dr. Joseph Salvo is an Institute Fellow within the Biocomplexity Institute and Initiative at the University of Virginia. He has extensive experience in “all things census,” making presentations on demographic subjects to a wide range of groups, and the management of major demographic projects involving the analysis of large data sets for local applications related to policy formulation, needs assessments, and program planning and implementation. Dr. Salvo’s work has been crucial to the formation of more widespread evidence-based policy, as his expertise in census data history, methods, operations, and products makes him uniquely able to analyze demographic data and explain this information to policymakers, who are in turn able to understand and employ this data during policy formation.

His previous positions include Senior Demographer, Deputy Director, Director, and most recently Chief Demographer at the New York City Department of City Planning; Adjunct Associate Professor at Hunter College; and Demographer at the U.S. Census Bureau. Dr. Salvo is currently Senior Advisor to the National Conference on Citizenship. He is co-chair of the NAS Working Group on Data Confidentiality and 2020 Census data products, and worked on behalf of the American Statistical Association (ASA)’s Task Force conducting an analysis of 2020 Census data quality. He has served as a member of the following associations: Committee on Population Statistics of the Population Association of America, Steering Committee for 2017 and 2019 ACS Data Users’ Conferences, Advisory Group for Future City Lab at the Museum of the City of New York, Census Bureau Scientific Advisory Committee, and the 2000 Census Advisory Committee. He has given testimony before the House Sub-Committee on Oversight and Reform on multiple occasions, served as an expert witness in litigation involving the census, has been a presenter at the “NAS Workshop on Challenges and New Approaches for Protecting Privacy in Federal Statistical Programs” and the symposium on “The Federal Statistical System – Recognizing its Contributions, Moving it Forward." He has served the American Statistical Association in multiple capacities, which includes Chair of the Social Statistics Section, Program Chair, and member of the Fellows Selection Committee.


    • Decennial Census History, Methods, Procedures and Operations
    • Patterns of Immigrant Settlement in the Neighborhoods of New York
    • Small Area Population Estimates and Projections
    • American Community Survey Data, Methods, and Evaluation
    • Public Service Award, Population Association of America, 2021
    • Founders Award, Citizens Committee for Children of New York, 2021
    • Ibo Balton Award for Community Planning, Citizens Housing and Planning Council of New York, 2020
    • Fellow of the New York Academy of History, 2012
    • Robert Ponte Award for Distinguished Professional and Academic Practice in City Planning, New York Chapter of the American Planning Association, 2009
    • Fellow of the American Statistical Association, 2004
    • Career Achievement Award, New York Chapter of the American Institute of City Planners, 2003
    • National Partnership for Reinventing Government Hammer Award, 1999
    • Sloan Public Service Award, Fund for the City of New York, 1995
  • Ph.D. in Sociology, Fordham University

    M.A. in Sociology, Fordham University

    B.A. in Sociology, Iona College

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