Network Systems Science and Advanced Computing

Joseph Outten

  • Research Assistant
Joseph Outten headshot


Joseph is a fourth year student at UVA, majoring in Computer Science and Biology. His research interests lie in the intersection of these two fields and include topics from biotechnology, synthetic biology, and bioinformatics. In the past, he has been a part of iGEM, an international undergraduate synthetic biology competition, as part of team Virginia iGEM, and has worked on a tool for genotype imputation in outbred populations of Drosophila melanogaster. At the Biocomplexity Institute, Joseph has worked on two projects under Dr. Andrew Warren. Over the summer of 2019, he worked on a pipeline to annotate protein sequences using convolutional neural networks (CNN). Currently, he is working on explainability analysis for another CNN which predicts the coding frame of a given DNA sequence, and is investigating if this neural network can be employed for other potential applications, including locating genes for metagenomics pipelines. In his free time, he enjoys bouldering, board games, and podcasts.