Social and Decision Analytics

J Bayoán Santiago Calderón

  • Postdoctoral Research Associate
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Dr. José Bayoán Santiago Calderón joined the Social & Decision Analytics division of the Biocomplexity Institute & Initiative at the University of Virginia in May 2019. He holds a doctoral degree in economics with a major field in political economy & public economics. He has previously worked as a data scientist and software developer with various consulting and software companies in the fields of residential demand-side management (DSM) and PK/PD models. His specialty includes methods such as regression analysis, machine learning, geographic information systems (GIS), agent-based models (ABM), and experiments. Some of his work includes theoretical and applied guidance for cluster robust models used in estimating the average treatment effect in the potential presence of heterogeneity in treatment effects. During his spare time, Bayoán contributes to the Julia language ecosystem developing and maintaining open-source packages in the domains of data science and scientific computing. Within the Social & Decision Analytics division, he has worked on various projects including:

  • Computational Simulation of Online Social Behavior (SocialSim) 
  • Evaluating the Impact of the Arlington Restaurant Initiative    
  • Identifying Non-traditional Science, Technology, Engineering, and Technology (STEM) Pathways
  • Measuring the Scope and Impact of Open Source Software


    • Computational Economics
    • Statistics
    • Public Economics
  • Ph.D. in Economics, Claremont Graduate University

    M.A. in Economics, Claremont Graduate University

    B.A. in Economics, Southwestern University

  • Preparing Future Faculty Certificate in College Teaching, 2019

    Statistics with R, a 5-course specialization by Duke University on Coursera, 2017

    Machine Learning, a 4-course specialization by University of Washington on Coursera, 2017

    Fundamentals of Computing, a 7-course specialization by Rice University on Coursera, 2016

    Data Science, a 9-course specialization by Johns Hopkins University on Coursera, 2015

We are working with the National Center of Science and Engineering Statistics to address this gap. By discovering nontraditional data sources and using them to describe and quantify the skills and non-degree credentials that can lead to STW jobs, we can help policymakers and educators address an urgent problem and empower job seekers to make informed decisions about their future.
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Social and Decision Analytics
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Social and Decision Analytics
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Social and Decision Analytics
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