NSSAC Highlights

A photo of Ian Davidson

Ian Davidson to speak at Colloquium

Ian Davidson is coming to speak at the Network Systems Science and Advanced Computing Colloquium on September 13, 2019. He is well known for his contributions to many research areas including data mining and machine learning. Find out more about his talk here. 

Achla Marathe and Anil Vullikanti

Researchers publish paper on opioid hotspots

Anil Vullikanti, Achla Marathe, and their students published a paper in the JMIR Public Health Surveillance journal titled, “Detection of Spatiotemporal Prescription Opioid Hot Spots With Network Scan Statistics: A Multistate Analysis.”

Congratulations Arindam Fadikar

Congratulations Arindam Fadikar

Congratulations to former graduate research assistant Arindam Fadikar on passing his final dissertation defense. Argonne National Laboratory is lucky to have you!

ICML 2019

Paper by NSSAC researchers presented at ICML 2019

Anil Vullikanti presented a paper by NSSAC researchers titled “PAC learnability of node functions in networked dynamical systems” at the International Conference on Machine Learning 2019.


NSSAC researchers at SIAM NS19

NSSAC science was well-represented at SIAM NS19. Abhijin Adiga presented on constructing a multi scale trade network for analyzing the spread of agricultural pests and Stephen Eubank presented on analyzing the sensitivity of a networked system to individual component failures.

Alex Telionis with Stephen Eubank and Bryan Lewis

Congratulations to Dr. Telionis

Congratulations Dr. P. Alex Telionis! Committee co-chairs Bryan Lewis and Stephen Eubank were on hand to share this momentous occasion. 

Vanessa Cedeno-Mieles with Chris Kuhlman and Madhav Marathe

Congratulations to Dr. Cedeno-Mieles!

Dr. Vanessa Cedeno-Mieles passed her final defense and will do great things on the faculty of Escuela Superior Politecnica del Litoral in Ecuador. Co-chairs Chris Kuhlman and Madhav Marathe were happy to help celebrate her success.

Jose Cadena with Anil Vullikanti and Madhav Marathe

Alumni visitor

Exciting to see former graduate research assistant Jose Cadena who stopped by to tell us about his promotion to Staff Member at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Jose continues to make us proud.

Andrea Apolloni

Former Postdoc visits NSSAC

Great to see Andrea Apolloni, former postdoc and now a modeling researcher at ISRA Dakar, who presented on his current work in West Africa.

Johanna Loomba

iTHRIV Collaboration

Enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate with UVA's iTHRIV.org. Thanks for visiting, Johanna Loomba!

Samarth Swarup

Samarth Swarup talked about our cutting-edge simulation science at SpringSim 2019

Research Associate Professor Samarth Swarup talked about our cutting-edge simulation science at SpringSim 2019. Samarth was an invited participant at the Best Practices for Generating Artificial Societies roundtable. 


Good luck to our team in Montreal next week!

“The Matrix: An Agent-Based Modeling Framework for Data Intensive Simulations” was nominated for the Best Paper Award at AAMAS 2019. Good luck to our team in Montreal next week! 

Shreyas Ramesh and Andrew Warren

Congratulations Shreyas

Congratulations Shreyas Ramesh for a successful thesis defense! Shreyas, a recent graduate research assistant, is off to work at Cisco Systems where we know he will make a huge impact.