Computing for Global Challenges

Computing for Global Challenges

Across the world, we face a number of challenges to human health, infrastructure, and the environment. The Computing for Global Challenges program trains undergraduates in the use of computational methods to address these challenges. Students work with faculty mentors on ongoing research projects, which teaches them about the process of research and team science and how they can make meaningful contributions to solving real-world problems.

The research projects cover a range of domains, including invasive species control in Nepal, hurricane modeling in the United States, global pandemics, and social media analytics, just to name of few. In each project, we embrace a team science approach because these problems require multiple viewpoints and multiple skills. These applications help to broaden student perspectives on global issues and deepen their understanding of the application of computational methods.

In the process of working on these real-world problems, students learn about cutting-edge software technologies and methods in machine learning, network science, agent-based simulation, data science, and computational biology. The students gain a theoretical understanding as well as practical experience with how these methods work and how they can be applied to meet the demands of problems in different domains.

The program runs for eight weeks in the summer, and culminates with a day of presentations by the students.

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