Jacob Porter

Jacob Porter Headshot
Postdoctoral Research Associate, Network Systems Science and Advanced Computing


Jacob Porter is a postdoctoral research associate working with data science for bioinformatics. Prior to earning a PhD in Computer Science from Virginia Tech, Porter worked as a software tester in the financial services industry.


Bioinformatics, computational biology, data science, machine learning, neural networks, high performance computing, algorithm design and development, and big data.


  • BisPin and BFAST-Gap: Mapping bisulfite-treated reads
    BioRxiv, p.284596. (2018) Porter J, Zhang L

  • Investigating bisulfite short-read mapping failure with hairpin bisulfite sequencing data
    BMC genomics, 16(11), p.S2. (2015) Porter J, Sun MA, Xie H, Zhang L

  • Fast NeighborNet: Improving the Speed of the Neighbor-Net Phylogenetic Network Algorithm with Multithreading and a Relaxed Search Strategy
    BioRxiv, p.283424. (2018) Porter J


Virginia Tech, Computer Science, PhD, 2018
Virginia Tech, Computer Science, MS, 2017
University of California, Davis, Applied Mathematics, MS, 2010
University of California, Berkeley, Applied Mathematics, BA, 2007


Virginia Tech, Biocomplexity Institute, Postdoctoral Associate, Summer 2018
Data Incubator graduate Winter 2017