Democratizing Data to Serve the Public Good

We believe in the power of all data — not just "big data" — to provide evidence-based insights that can change the way communities make policy and, ultimately, can improve lives locally. Working closely with government leaders, foundations, and industry, we discover and link many different types of information to create a picture of life on the ground.

Helping to Harness All Data

Our work is as diverse as the data we use. From the health of a neighborhood, to soldier performance and the very ability of local governments and communities to harness the power of their own data, we focus on three key social challenges.

Tackling community issues such as economic mobility, improving access to food, housing and jobs to advance community health and well-being.

Improving the well-being of citizens across the nation through the health of our national systems from food to defense to technology.

Assessing the use of non-survey data flows to supplement or enhance current development of Official Statistics.