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Driven by challenge, bound by purpose

We’re a close community of people linked within and across divisions by an understanding of how and why we do science. We’re motivated by questions that emerge from issues touching human life. Questions that are too elaborate for any one scientist. Questions that lead us into the unknown and change as we work. We embrace complexity and uncertainty — because we're committed to serving humanity.

Mathematical Biocomplexity

Uncovering the math to explain living entities

In Mathematical Biocomplexity we use high-level math to understand biological systems, with a focus on overlooked genetic information. As we grasp meaning through data discovery, we lay the foundation for the future of quantitative analysis on a molecular and evolutionary level.

Network Systems Science and Advanced Computing

Using information science to predict outcomes

Our Network Systems Science and Advanced Computing division builds computational models to assess threats – from natural disasters to epidemics — and project the possible outcomes of strategic responses. Using high-performance computing at extreme scale, we help partners manage rapidly unfolding challenges to human life in real time.

Social and Decision Analytics

Channeling data science for the public good

Statistical, social and behavioral scientists work together in the Social and Decision Analytics division to understand human activities. Our insights, gleaned from working with available data — from government records to social media — help policy-makers devise better solutions for their communities.

Research and Business Operations

Supporting our research mission

We’re an operations powerhouse that lays the foundation for the Institute to do research that has social impact. Putting passion and rigor toward the management of critical operational functions not only bolsters the work of our researchers, it allows the Institute to remain an agile and flexible research engine. We’re proud of the contributions we make.

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