Grand Central Station before and during COVID-19

COVID-19 Presentations

Over the past year, members of the Biocomplexity Institute COVID-19 Response Team have been invited to present their ground-breaking research at a variety of conferences, summits, lectures, and webinars. Sharing our expertise in scalable data science, Artificial Intelligence, high-performance computing, simulations, and epidemiological modeling with renowned universities, colleagues, and public health professionals means a more informed scientific community and consequently, better tools and preparedness to fight the current pandemic. Below we’ve highlighted some of our recorded presentations which are freely available for viewing at any time. Through our presentations, we hope to continue contributing to collective pandemic knowledge and collaborating with other scientific authorities in the field to better inform public health decision-making across the United States.

  • Marathe, M. (June 2021) Real-time contagion science in the 21st Century: The role of data and computing. CONTAGION at Science Gallery Bengaluru, virtual. Link
  • Marathe, M. (Mar 2021) Vaccine prioritization: The role of AI and computing in pandemic planning and response. Chalmers AI Talks, virtual. Link

  • Marathe M. (Feb 2021) Towards scalable real-time computational epidemiology to support COVID-19 response. The International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC), virtual. Link

  • Marathe M. (Feb 2021) Real-Time Pandemic Planning, Prediction and Response. NSF Workshop: Predicting Emergence of Virulent Entities by Novel Technologies (PREVENT), virtual. Keynote address. Link

  • Marathe M. (Dec 2020) High Performance AI for Pandemic Prediction and Response. 34th Conference Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS), virtual. MLPH: Machine Learning in Public Health, Keynote address. Link