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Computing for Global Challenges Research Projects 2022

2022 Research Projects

Time Series in Python
Student: AbdulBaqiy Diyaolu

How COVID-19 Highlighted Health Inequities in Virginia
Student and Mentor: Alexander Maksiaev and Dr. Bryan Lewis

Collaboration in the Time of COVID
Student and Mentor: Allison Lai and Dr. Bryan Lewis

COVID-19 Non Pharmaceutical Interventions: Analysis at the County Level
Student and Mentor: Anjali Mathew and Ben Hurt

Effect of Initial Seeding in Epidemic Process on Different Networks
Student and Mentors: Anthony Panagides and Drs. Gursharn Kaur and Aniruddha Adiga

Analyzing Network Structure Through Temporal Motifs
Student and Mentor: Clark Mollencop and Dr. Abhijin Adiga

Universal Approach to Science Time Series: Deep Learning on Hydrology
Student and Mentor: Junyang He and Dr. Geoffrey Fox

Updating and Analyzing Mobility Data for COVID-19 Research
Student and Mentor: Ethan Haller and Mandy Wilson

Multiple COVID-19 Time Series Forecasting
Student and Mentors: Finn Mokrzycki and Drs. Gursharn Kaur and Aniruddha Adiga

Efficient Algorithms for Generating Provably Near-Optimal Cluster Descriptors for Explainability
Student and Mentor: George Li and Dr. S. S. Ravi

Quantifying Epidemic Forecast Diversity and Change Through Optimal Transport
Student and Mentor: Lanyin Zhang and Dr. Srinivasan Venkatramanan

Using a Metapopulation Model to Explore Measles Outbreak Risk Arising From Undervaccination in Virginia
Student and Mentor: Nicholas Wu and Dr. Anil Vullikanti

Visualizing Extreme-Scale, Next Generation Epidemic Simulations
Student and Mentor: Rakrish Dhakal and Dr. Chen

Antibiogram Resistance Pattern Detection and Tracking
Students and Mentors: Saarthak Gupta, Caitlyn Fay, and Drs. Chen Chen and Anil Vullikanti

Adaptive Prevalence Testing for Epidemic State Estimation Using Particle Filter Recurrent Neural Networks
Student and Mentors: Sami Saliba and Drs. Henning Mortveit and Samarth Swarup

Predicting and Modeling the Spread of Tuta Absoluta in the United States
Student and Mentor: William Mueller and Dr. Abhijin Adiga