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Community Learning Through Data-Driven Discovery

Working In and With Communities

Our vision is to bring the data revolution to communities across our states through a process called Community Learning through Data-Driven Discovery (CLD3). The key innovation in CLD3 is, as its name suggests, community-based research where the community participates in asking and answering the questions that drive information gathering and provide insights relevant to program or policy decisions. The CLD3 process liberates, integrates, and makes data available to local stakeholders including government, community leaders, researchers, and citizens enabling them to bring local data insights to some of their most pressing challenges.


We have used this proven research approach in our work, and most recently, in a powerful project funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation called, Towards a National Community Learning Network to Advance Economic Mobility.

Data Informed Decision-Making

The CLD3 process goes beyond the traditional organizing aspects of collective action programs and helps communities build capacity for data-informed decision making.

  • Outer wheel: continuous interaction and communication across stakeholders
  • Middle wheel: data-driven learning process
  • Frontier between the outer and middle wheels: active collaboration between all partners
  • Inner circle: rigorous research framework to guide the data science


Social and Decision Analytics
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