Christopher Kuhlman

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Research Associate Professor, Network Systems Science and Advanced Computing


Chris J. Kuhlman is a research associate professor in the Network Systems Science and Advanced Computing division. Kuhlman leads or supports projects in cyberinfrastructures, software systems and (hybrid) simulation tools development, human behavior during disasters, decision making, contagion control and optimization, models of human cooperation, and epidemiology. Kuhlman has more than 60 publications in computer science-related conferences and journals.


Discrete dynamical systems, modeling and simulation, distributed and high-performance computing, model building, social and network science, human behavior, and control of dynamics processes.


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  • Disparities in Spread and Control of Influenza in Slums of Delhi: Findings from an Agent-Based Modeling Study
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  • Inferring Local Transition Functions of Discrete Dynamical Systems from Observations of System Behavior
    Theoretical Computer Science (TCS), 679:126-144. (2017) Adiga A, Kuhlman C, Marathe M, Ravi SS, Rosenkrantz D, Stearns R

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  • Inferring Probabilistic Contagion Models Over Networks Using Active Queries
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  • Learning the Behavior of a Dynamical System via a ‘20 Questions’ Approach
    Proceedings of the 31st AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 4630-4637. (2018) Adiga A, Kuhlman C, Marathe M, Ravi SS, Rosenkrantz D, Stearns R

  • Hybrid Agent-Based Modeling of Zika in the United States
    Proceedings of the Winter Simulation Conference (WSC), 1085-1096. (2017) Kuhlman C, Ren Y, Lewis B, Schlitt J


Virginia Tech, Computer Science, PhD, 2013
Virginia Tech, Mathematics, MS, 2013
Virginia Commonwealth University, Computer Science, MS, 2007
University of Texas—San Antonio, Finance, MBA, 1997
University of Illinois—Urbana, Mechanical Engineering, MS, 1988
University of Illinois—Urbana, Engineering Mechanics, BS, 1987


Internship, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, CA, Fall 2011