Project Contact: Achla Marathe

Funding Agency: Unitaid UNITAID Logo

The collaborative project with Virginia Tech aims at assessing the effect of ivermectin mass drug administration (MDA) on malaria transmission in sub-Saharan African malaria-endemic countries. The project will seek the following broad objectives:

  • To determine the effect of MDA of ivermectin when given to humans and when given simultaneously to humans and livestock on malaria-related epidemiological and entomological outcomes;
  • To assess the safety and pharmacodynamics of the proposed ivermectin dose/regimen in MDA;
  • To assess the social acceptability, feasibility and practicability of ivermectin MDA;
  • To evaluate the indirect economic benefits to humans and direct health benefits to animal health when ivermectin is given in mass to humans and livestock;
  • To evaluate the environmental impact of ivermectin on non-target fauna and soil when administered in mass to livestock;
  • To inform and involve stakeholders at local, national and international levels with the aim of contributing to evidence-based policy.

We aim to provide solid and systematic evidence to contribute towards a World Health Organization policy recommendation by 2022 on the use of endectocides to reduce malaria transmission. Evidence on efficacy and safety will be supported by additional data on cost-effectiveness, acceptability and environmental impact to facilitate analysis leading to a policy recommendation. Close alignment with both National Malaria Control Programs (NMCP) and agricultural authorities will similarly facilitate early translation to country policy and uptake while upfront partnership with a generics industry producer will assure supply and affordability.